Works in Progress

El Enfoque de Sistemas y su Aplicación en los Estudios Económicos sobre la Innovación (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Fiscal Incentives to R&D in Mexico: An Evaluation of the Governmental Programme from 2001 to 2006 (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez & José Luis Fernández Zayas). pdf

Micro Foundations of a National System of Competitive and Technology Intelligence (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez & Marisela Rodríguez Salvador). pdf

The OECD Systemic Model Of Science And Innovation Policy (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Systems Thinking in Economics, Science and Innovation Policy (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Working Papers

Systems Thinking in Economics and Innovation Policy: Second Order Innovation Policy Systems (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Economic Rationales Underlying Innovation Policies: Analysis of Policy–Making Practices in Finland, Spain and the United Kingdom (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Has The National Systems Of Innovation (NSI) Framework Been Actually Applied For Policy–Making Purposes? (Roberto E Lopez–Martinez). pdf

Other Unpublished Work

Roberto E. Lopez-Martinez, (2006), A Systems Approach to Innovation Policy, PhD Thesis, The University of Manchester. pdf